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SDCA, Inc. Members At MLK Parade 2018

General Information

To help promote its mission of "One Love, Respect, And Unity", SDCA, Inc. participates in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. day parade and celebration every year.  Above are pictures of the SDCA, Inc. crew at the 2018 MLK celebration in San Diego sporting Caribbean clothing apparel. 

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We are constantly seeking volunteers to help us accomplish our mission.  Please click the link below to find out more. 

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SDCA, Inc. Annual Christmas Awards Ceremony And Banquet 2016

Every December, SDCA, Inc. holds it annual banquet and award ceremony in which it honors those that have assisted the organization throughout the year and those that have made positive contributions to the community. Below are photos of the 2016 ceremony which was held December 17th at the Marina Village in San Diego, California.

SDCA, Inc. And Silver City & Victory Valley LTD Reunion

SDCA, Inc. launched its first extension in 2015 to Linden, Guyana, where Elton Cumberbatch was born and raised. SDCA, Inc. teamed up with its sister organization Silver City & Victory Valley Reunion Association, LTD in Guyana on a environmental clean up project and to support children education through various contests. Below are photos taken in May 2015 and 2016.

Thanksgiving Day Meals Give Away For The Homeless

To God we give the glory for the great things he has done. Once again, the San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc. shared some precious moments with the homeless community in downtown San Diego, CA 

On this special day, Thanksgiving Day was not all about the food and football games. To the SDCA, Inc. members and volunteers, it was a time to give thanks and to remember those that are less fortunate than ourselves. 

With thanksgiving and gratitude in their hearts, all the SDCA, Inc. members and volunteers met with smiles on their faces at 16th avenue and Island ave at 11:30 am. As they prepare to serve more than 75 warm meals, the homeless community organized and assembled themselves in an orderly manner. We opened the table with a word of prayer offered to the Almighty God and the Creator of this universe.

The Thanksgiving meal was well prepared with love and appreciated by those who needed it. There were some turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, and our very own signature Caribbean meals; curry chicken, roti, and rice. 

As we all parted ways to our separate destination, we all concluded that it was a day to remember God and give thanks. We also distributed clothing on that day. Below are photos of this day.

Clothing and Blanket Give Away

SDCA, Inc. is always seeking clothing and blanket for the homeless.  We distribute these items the same day as our meals distribution program.  If you have such items you would like to donate to the SDCA, please contact us.

SDCA, Inc. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration

Every year SDCA, Inc. participates in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday celebration. Below are photos of the SDCA, Inc. 2017 and 2016 participation.

Martin Luther King Jr. 2017 Parade Participation In San Diego

MLK 2017 Los Angeles Celebration