San Diego West Coast Multicultural Carnival & Festival 2018



To foster its motto of One Love, Respect and Unity, the San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc. (SDCA, Inc.) will hold it's 2nd Annual San Diego West Coast Multicultural Carnival & Festival Saturday August 11th, 2018 at SDCCU Stadium (formerly Qualcomm Stadium) in San Diego, California from 12pm to 10pm.

All are invited, all ages, every race and culture! Hispanics, Whites, Filipino's, Chinese, Blacks, Indians and Asians.

Carnival 2018 Events/Dates

1) Welcome To San Diego Meet & Greet Dance- Thursday August 9th

2) All White Party-

  Friday August 10th

3) Carnival Day-

 Saturday August 11th

4) Carnival After Party

Saturday Night August 11th

5) Breakfast Brunch & Party

Sunday Morning August 12th

6) Cool Down Fete

Sunday Afternoon August 12th

Carnival 2017 Thank You

San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc. thanks all those that attended and participated in our 1st Annual San Diego West Coast Multicultural Carnival & Festival held at SDCCU Stadium (formerly Qualcomm), Saturday August 12, 2017.

Eddie Neblett Will Be Performing 

Carnival Committee Members Biography

Joseph Peters


Chairperson/Treasurer/Entertainment Director

Joseph O. Peters was born in Georgetown, Guyana. He attended Christ Church high school. After graduation, he started his own liquor store business. A couple years later, he migrated to the United states where he further his education at Compton Community College. His education background includes a degree in nursing ,which he stayed in for two years. He moved on and started his export shipping business from 1988 to the present time. His great passion is bringing healing to people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience. He helps his clients, who include children, adults, and families,  to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful,  complete, whole, and safe.

Thank You J .O.Peters.

Elton Cumberbatch


SDCA, Inc. Founder and President/Carnival Founder/Acting Volunteer Coordinator/Assistant Mas Band Coordinator

Since August of 2002, Mr. Elton Jason Cumberbatch, the founder/CEO and president of the San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc., has been a proud member of the United States Navy. After he finished basic training in 2002, he was stationed on the USS Constellation, one of the US Navy aircraft carriers, where he was deployed to the Gulf region for 6 months as a fireman. 

After leaving the USS Constellation, Mr. Cumberbatch was assigned to Assault Unit 1 Troop Transport Carrier engineering department where he worked on diesel engines and HVAC systems. He worked in that capacity for 5 years before he became a Navy recruiter in 2008. From 2008 to 2011, Elton was a Navy recruiter and became the number one recruiter for his district. For that accomplishment, he was awarded the Admiral Accelerated Medal and was promoted to first class petty officer. 

On April 15, 2011, Elton was assigned to the USS Pearl Harbor engineering department. He was engineering leading petty officer on the ship responsible for the auxilary main space. He served four years in that position before returning to his passion, recruiting in November of 2015.

Elton is a native of Guyana, South America. He is the youngest of nine children his mom and dad were blessed to have. Unfortunately, his dad passed away when he was two years of age, but thank God for the beautiful and great mother he was fortunate to have. His mother worked very hard to provide for him and his siblings. Growing up under her care was a noteworthy experience.

Elton and his mother migrated to the United States February 8, 1997. They lived in the state of Maryland for five years before Elton decided to joined the United States Navy in 2002. 

Elton believes in spreading the joy the caribbean culture brings to every culture, our communities, and to humanity; thus, he formed the San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc. (SDCA, Inc.). The organization vision, motto, and creed is "ONE LOVE, RESPECT, AND UNITY".

Claycee Holt


Co-Chairperson/Acting Secretary/Assistant Vendor Coordinator/Public Relations Officer/SDCA Mas Band Leader/Assistant Sponsorship Coordinator

Born and raised in California, Claycee Holt has an extensive background of caring for the elderly who will always have a special place in her heart. In recent years she ventured out to start her own company Each1- Teach1 Financial. As a Financial Educator she is on a mission to educate the masses... Always willing to tie up any loose ends, she wears many hats for the San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc. and the San Diego West Coast Multicultural Carnival & Festival. As the proud band leader of the SDCA Mas Band she also is a hands on costume producer. Her motivation for this year's project is the smiles and great time that was had by thousands of spectators that attended the 1st Annual San Diego West Coast Multicultural Carnival & Festival in 2017. She will continue to promote  ONE LOVE, RESPECT AND UNITY ALWAYS!!!

Randy Johnson


Quality Assurance

My name is Rannie Johnson from Guyana.  I am a retired army major from the Guyana Defence Force. I taught computer programming in New York and was a computer programmer/analyst with Chase Bank on Wall Street. I retired in 2003 and relocated to San Diego. After being bored, I became reemployed as a Facilities Coordinator with a pharmaceutical corporation in La Jolla.  When I met our President/CEO, Elton Cumberbatch, I was inspired by his vision, commitment, enthusiasm, drive and energy towards the establishment and development of the SDCA.  I immediately offered to play my part in the further development and success of the SDCA as an executive member. 

Jeffrey Ricketts Sr.


 Committee Advisor 

Jeff Ricketts, one of SDCA, Inc. advisory board members, was born in England and raised in Jamaica. After migrating to the US, he lived in New York until he enlisted in the US Navy where his first and all duty stations were in California, with most of it being in San Diego. 

Jeff is retired from the Navy, still lives in San Diego, and now works for the USPS. He has been involved with the Caribbean music industry in San Diego for over 30 years and feels we need to take the culture to a higher level, not just musically, but culturally also. After discovering San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc. he liked the direction the association was heading. Promoting the SDCA, Inc. is Jeff contribution towards helping the caribbean culture grow, not only in San Diego, but on the west coast as well.

Rae Russell


Vendor Coordinator

Rae is from the beautiful island of Dominica, West Indies.  She is a Licensed Financial Coach with over 25 years of experience who is committed to teaching financial literacy to everyone from Youths to Seniors. She is available for workshops, speaking engagements, mentoring and one on one coaching. She is a key volunteer instructor for San Diego Financial Literacy Company teaching financial classes throughout San Diego County.  As the Vendor Coordinator for SDCA,  Rae's goal is to utilize her strengths to help make this event a success by having a variety of vendors. She believes in One Love, Unity, and Respect for all cultures because we are all part of this Melting Pot called Life.

Sharon Cumberbatch


Assistant Treasurer

Ms. Sharon Cumberbatch is the sister of SDCA, Inc. founder and CEO Elton Cumberbatch, and is a native of Guyana, South America. She migrated to the wonderful State of California in 2008. Sharon is presently employed as an in home provider.Taking care elderly is her passion. She came from a productive family of nine, where we honor and respect the elderly. She is the 8th siblings out of the nine children. 

Her parents raised all the children in a christian lifestyle, with "Love, Respect, & Unity" being the core values. After her mother's passing, Sharon teamed up with her brother and helped created the"Unity Fun Day" SDCA, Inc. There is an old Chinese proverb that says "A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With The First Footstep". The SDCA, Inc. board, membership, volunteers, and friends have taken that first step. Sharon believes all everyone in the organization has to is their best and God will do the rest for us.

Wayne Copeland


Mas Band Coordinator

 Hi ,my name is Wayne 

Copeland and from Trinidad and Tobago, my goal is make SDCA carnival grow as big as Trinidad

Damien Garcia


Carnival Committee Advisor

Damien was born in the town of Arima in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. He grew up in the country with his grandparents and in his teenage years he lived with his aunt in San Juan while being employed by Bermudez Company.

He later obtained a job with Charlo’s catering which catered to the employees of BWIA which is now known as Caribbean Airlines. During that time he got married. He and his wife migrated to New York in the United States in the early 80’s and had their daughter Charisse. They then relocated to New Jersey where their son Damien was born.

He was offered a job in California, so he made his way out West. He worked for a few companies and lived in different cities before settling in the Bellflower area, then become self employed.  He was also the proud owner of a West Indian restaurant in Inglewood Ca, known as Caricom. He joined the Islander’s Soccer Team becoming one of the teams most improved players. 

His home in Bellflower eventually became the “Trini’s in Southern California” liming (hang out) spot and the location for numerous fundraising events, such as parties, all fours card games also breakfast and lunch cook out. At one of our regular fundraising activities the group “Regulars' Entertainment” was formed which led to the birth of our now world famous “Hollywood Carnival” of which he is one of the founding members.

He attends events of all the Caribbean groups and organizations in the Los Angeles area and generously contribute to Citizens & Friends of Trinidad & Tobago. His goal and desire is to unite all the Caribbean people in Southern California.


Sherell Carter


Security Coordinator

 My Name Is Sherell Carter
This Year My Title On The Committee Is Security Coordinator.
I've Been Apart Of SDCA For Over A Year Now,
And I'm Very Excited To Be Apart Of Such A Positive Environmental Impacted Non Profit Organization.

Iesha Reed


Mas Band Assistant

Iesha Reed, is a costume designer and Mas Band assistant. She is ecstatic to be a part of SDCA and is honored to be apart of San Diego Carnival for years to come 

Jeremy Rosillo


Public Relations Officer/ Social Media Coordinator/ Logistic Coordinator

Jeremy was born January 1980, in Oceanside, CA.  He grew up in Irvine, CA and graduated 2013 from National University w/ BA in Sociology. He met Elton in 2007 and officially joined SDCA in 2017 where he was given the position of social media coordinator in 2018. His work experience is in retail management and leadership. He is an avid outdoors man and car enthusiast. 

Carlton Rodney


 Committee Advisor

Born in Linden Guyana, Carlton Rodney attended Multilateral Secondary School. Majoring in agricultural science, he also attended Linden Technical Institution where he obtained a diploma in Business. As a business owner, Carlton consistently provides quality services to his community. In addition to being an entrepreneur, lead to Christ by his Mom and Grand Mother he gladly took on the role as assistant Pastor. As the Nephew of Sharon and Elton Cumberbatch, his close ties to SDCA motivates him to support the mission of One Love, Respect and Unity for Humanity.
Carlton recalls in the wee hours of the morning on the 29th of June 2012,
receiving a call from his uncle Elton telling him about a vision of promoting One love among all, just as my grandmother taught us.  He replied right away "if that is your dream and vision that God driped in your spirit go after it and let it be a realization"
Carlton was inspired and proud. Witnessing his Uncle chase after his dreams, he knew for a fact from the start of 2012 to where it is now it is very changelling but God give him the strength and all those that are standing with him.
He knew this organisation will out burst from Glory to Glory for future generations.
Even though he is such a great distance away,  through Jesus Christ,  he gives the support in whatever way God ordains him to do for the organization.


Benita Dufresne



Benita Dufresne was born and raised in Lagonave, Haiti in 1980. She migrated to Miami, Florida in September of 1993 at the age of 13. Raised by her grandmother Tany Aladin who worked farmlands to give her an education, Benita developed a strong work ethic and deep appreciation for education at the age of 7. After moving to the United States, she continued to pursue her educational dreams by enrolling at Miami-Dade Community College and later transferred to University of South Florida where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in May of 2004 and later she moved to San Diego, California in July of that same year. 

Ultimately, Benita began teaching Computer Technology courses at a non-profit organization to at-risk youth in her community. After four years working as a dedicated Teacher, Benita returned to school and earned a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from National University. Determined to develop her talentents, skills and abilities, Benita evaluated herself through the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. Benita's strengths are Strategic, Positivity, Learner, Achiever and Responsibility. 

Her personal drive and passion for humanity lead her to join San Diego, Caribbean Association in 2014. Recognizing the need for celebrating and enrichment of all cultures, she s as a Social Media Coordinator on the Carnival Committee. Benita believes that serving humanity is a collaborative responsibility of everyone and she is honored to be a contributing member of her community through San Diego Caribbean Association. One of Benita's favorite quotes is by Mahatma Gandhi which states, "no culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive" She believes through LOVE, RESPECT and UNITY we can move mountains.

Leslie Ivey



Leslie “ivy Marie” Ivey was born and raised in San Diego CA. She attended Grambling State University and received a degree in Business

Marketing and Fashion Merchandising.
Leslie currently works for a health insurance company and is a mother of four. Ms. Ivey started volunteering with SDCA in 2017. After the 1st Carnival she saw how important it was to spread the message of ONENESS and joined SDCA as an official member in October 2017. She looks forward to many years of CARNIVAL and community service with SDCA.

Ronneika Golding


 The San Diego Caribbean Association found Ronneika Smith-Golding (Ronnei) just weeks before the 2017 carnival, in a time when they both needed each other. She has since then been a commited volunteer who greets everyone with the same warm Jamaican smile.


San Diego City Guide

About San Diego

San Diego is a large bustling US city and the second largest city in California. Tourism along with biotechnology, agriculture, manufacturing and defense supplies are the major industries in San Diego. 

San Diego with its miles of sandy beaches, year around amenable climate, world class cultural and sporting events, numerous attractions and quaint historic districts is truly a vacationer’s paradise. It’s no wonder then this bustling American metropolis, which started out as a humble abode for indigenous peoples is often referred to ‘America's Finest City’. Visitors, who book a vacation to San Diego, do so primarily to get a taste of quintessential California city that truly embodies the sunshine state’s carefree and laidback vibe. 

Where to stay in San Diego

San Diego is equipped with a wide range of hotels, which can be found all over the city. Visitors to San Diego often choose the location of their San Diego hotels on the basis of their individual needs and requirements.

Mission Valley

Most visitors to San Diego who book a vacation to San Diego like to stay in the heart of the city; close to its major attractions like San Diego Zoo and Sea World. These visitors tend to make their hotel reservations at one of the many discounted hotels that are located within the San Diego neighborhood of Hotel Circle in Mission Valley. 

Mission Valley is located just north of San Diego's downtown. The area also affords access to several of San Diego's most popular beaches.

Beach front communities- La Jolla and Mission Bay

Other visitors, who go for vacations in San Diego prefer to stay at hotels that are located within one of San Diego’s many beach front communities like the renowned La Jolla or Mission Bay areas, which are easily accessible from downtown. These hotes offer their own unique atmosphere along with many dining, shopping and sightseeing attractions.

Old Town

Another popular area of San Diego that is popular with visitors is the city’s Old Town area and is also easily reachable from Downtown San Diego is the Old Town. It is often referred to as the ‘birthplace of California’. Today this area has a state historic park that is populated by many restored adobe buildings, shops and restaurants which provide an insight into the life of old world San Diego. Be here during your vacations to San Diego for a bite of history.

Places To See In San Diego

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is located within San Diego’s Old Town district and is its most prominent attraction. Balboa Park contains one of the biggest groups of museums in the USA. The list of attractions located within Balboa include over 85 Performing Arts and International Culture Organizations, fifteen museums, the world famous San Diego Zoo, leisure gardens, hiking and biking trails, recreational facilities, and restaurants. 

Many of the museums and culture centers that are located within Balboa Park are housed in stately Spanish-Mexican style buildings. The oldest and most famous museum located within the park is the Reuben H Fleet Science Centre, which is an equipped big screen Omnimax Theatre and a virtual reality simulator that transports visitors to outer space. Other prominent attractions in the park include the Spanish Village Art Center and a Japanese Friendship Garden. Balboa Park constitutes a not to be missed attraction during vacations to San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most prominent attractions of the city. This Zoo extends over 100 and showcases nearly 4000 members of the animal kingdom. These animals are arranged in various enclosures like the Tiger River Asian rainforest, the Gorilla Tropics, the Ituri Forest Exhibit, The Sun Bear Forest and more. The San Diego Zoo also has a Children’s area, which features a petting Zoo and a nursery for newly arrived animals. Also on offer is an amphitheater that offers daily performances and shows that feature animals.

The San Diego Zoo should be considered a must-do attraction during San Diego vacations with children. 

Wild Animal Park

The San Diego Zoo is renowned for its conservation efforts and enlightened management, which specializes in preserving the natural environment of its charges and for the successful breeding of endangered species in captivity. The Zoo, additionally, operates the Wild Animal Park, which is located in Escondido and offers a wide array of wild and endangered animals from all over the world like Cheetahs (the park offers a fantastic cheetah run safari), lions, giraffes, emus, okapis, elephants, rhinos etc

Downtown San Diego

Downtown San Diego contains its business district and the historic Gaslamp Quarter. Other attractions located in downtown include the Horton Plaza and the waterfront Embarcadero, which is the area along the San Diego harbor on the east side of San Diego Bay. This waterfront area of San Diego is populated by numerous shops, restaurants and museums. The Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego was its first commercial district that is now a fashionable district that extends over 16 blocks and features historic buildings, old-fashioned wrought-iron street lamps, antique stores, shopping centers, art galleries, coffee houses, restaurants and jazz bars.

Cabrillo National Monument

The city of San Diego also boasts of several fascinating museums, which aim to both educate and entertain visitors. One museum that catalogues the rich history of the evolution of San Diego is located in the Cabrillo National Monument, located at Point Loma to the west of the city. 

This monument commemorates one of the early founders of San Diego, the Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, who sailed into San Diego Bay in 1542 and came ashore at Point Loma. The museum located here chronicles the exploits of Cabrillo and other early explorers who help found the city of San Diego. Also located at Point Loma is the tall Point Loma lighthouse, which soars up to a height of 433 meters to offer gorgeous vistas of the city of San Diego city and its bay.

Sea World

Sea World is one of the world’s largest marine parks, whose aim is to educate and entertain its patrons. This park is a world acknowledged leader in marine conservation efforts. It offers various attractions like the Dolphin Interaction Program, the Shark House, the Penguin encounters and shows and performances that feature marine creatures like sea lions, walruses, otters, dolphins and killer whales. Sea World is considered to be a huge draw for booking a vacation to San Diego.


San Diego offers many gorgeous beaches and seaside towns that offer a good enough reason to plan a visit to San Diego. The city is equipped with 70 miles of sandy coastline and attracts swimmers, surfers, beach bums and sun worshippers who revel in the sun, sea and sand ambience offered by various San Diego beaches like La Jolla, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.

Best time to visit San Diego

San Diego is famous for its amiable year round climate. The city is characterized by mild, dry and sunny weather, which prevails for much of the year and makes San Diego all weather, year round destination. 

The year round temperatures that prevail over San Diego are quite range bound between average highs of 70–78°F (21–26°C) and average lows of 55–66°F (13–19°C). Very rarely do temperatures rise above 90ºF (32°C) while snowfall in San Diego is negligible; though the winters in San Diego can be quite rainy but mild with temperatures hovering around the mid-60s (20ºC).

Getting around in San Diego

San Diego is served by its Lindbergh Field Airport which welcomes most major international and domestic airlines. This makes this city where the ‘sun always shines’ infinitely accessible. Moreover, Fare Buzz makes it even easier to visit San Diego with its various cheap air flight and hotel deals for San Diego.

Getting around San Diego is also quite easy for the city equipped with well developed public transport that consists of buses, the trolley light rail, commuter rail and ferries. The public transport system of San Diego covers nearly all parts of the city but many of the services stop at midnight. It is for this reason many visitors to San Diego choose to rent a car for the duration of their stay. It is quite simple to rent a car in San Diego and the city is quite easily navigable as it is well laid and equipped with an elaborate system of freeways. Fare Buzz offer a range of affordable car rentals for San Diego along with our various other travel deals.

Where to shop in San Diego

San Diego is equipped with a varied shopping landscape. Expansive malls, specialty and high-end stores, boutiques and farmers markets, all populate the shopping scene in this Californian city. Westfield Horton Plaza Mall located in the heart of the city’s Gas lamp district is one of the prime shopping destinations in San Diego. This huge mall hosts more than 130 stores belonging to popular retailers like Express, Chico’s, Coach, Bebe and department stores like Nordstrom. Also onsite are several restaurants and fast-food outlets offering shoppers a chance to regroup and refuel in the midst of hectic shopping sprees. Out of down shoppers are encouraged to visit the mall’s Facebook page for special offers at various retail outlets at the mall better still they can install the specially created Horton Plaza mobile app compatible with all smart-phones.

Fashion Valley Mall, an outdoor mall located in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego is yet another favored shopping locale in the city. This mall which is referred to as the ‘Rodeo Drive of San Diego’ hosts more than 200 stores and restaurants along with an 18 screen movie theater. The retail mix at the Fashion Valley Mall features a mix of high-brow and low-brow retailers in the form of brands like Hermes, Gucci, Burberry, Gap, Anthropologie, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and many more. Aside from these mall shopping options San Diego offers much opportunity for retail therapy, at the many boutiques, art galleries and lifestyle stores that line the streets of its La Jolla neighborhood. However, if you are on the look-out for more wallet-friendly options then your best bet in San Diego is the Carlsbad Premium outlet mall, located 32 miles north of downtown San Diego, close to the LEGOLAND theme park. This outlet mall features more than ninety discount stores of upscale brands like Barney’s New York, Michael Kors, BCBGMaxAzira amongst others.

Where to eat in San Diego

The many diverse San Diego eateries offer myriad cuisines as they aim to satisfy diverse individual tastes and wallets. Recommended dining destinations in San Diego currently include eateries like Café Chloe (bistro fare), A. R. Valentien (farm to table cuisine), Carnitas' Snack Shack(pork-centric cuisine), Seersucker and Market (both serving New American fare) the original Sab-e-lee (Thai), Kaito Sushi and Sushi Ota, Super Cocina (Mexican), Farm House Café (farm to table French cuisine), and Mariscos El Pescador, a fish taco truck stationed in a Chula Vista parking lot.

Nightlife in San Diego

The nightlife scene in San Diego is somewhat tamer than that of its sibling cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Nonetheless, downtown San Diego is the epicenter of the city’s nocturnal entertainment. Located here are countless brew pubs, bars, dive bars, sports bars, lounges and dance clubs which usually heave with revelers from Thursday to Saturday. Popular nightlife haunts in San Diego at present include haunts like the Ivy Nightclub at Andaz San Diego, Nicky Rotten’s (bar), Voyeur (dance club), the Onyx Room (dance club), Quality Social and Prohibition (both lounges)